Summertime, The perfect selling time!

While you may be tempted to rush your home to the market to try and make the most of the last of the Spring selling seasons, that can be a mistake. 

To sell quickly and maximise the value of your property, you need to present your home beautifully. It’s not just about impressing prospective buyers but also competing against similar homes in your area that will be on the market, too.

As an experienced local agent, we advise all our clients to take their time in preparing their homes. They should focus on curb appeal to create a fantastic first impression, fix the small problems around your home and undertake a major decluttering project.

A common mistake among owners is to rush into the spring sales season because it’s supposed to be the best time to sell a property.

While Spring is usually a great time to sell, it’s not the only good time.

Summertime sales campaigns have distinct advantages over those in spring. These include the fact there can be fewer homes on the market over the holidays, which means less competition to attract buyers. This lack of supply also helps support the strength of market prices, too.

Buyers also have more time, as the evenings are longer and this is when they often take time off work.

Rather than make a mad dash to try and capture the last days of the Spring market, take your time now and do a five-star job of getting ready for your rush of summertime buyers. 

Here are ten tips that will help you make the most of the summer sales campaign.

  • Style your home – Talk to a professional who can style your home so it has the summer vibe. Home staging can deliver a higher price for your property and minimise the time it’s on the market. I can guide you on the best consultants in our area.
  • Invest in great photography – As your local agent, I see a huge advantage in making the most of your staged home. Great photography cuts through the marketing noise of other properties and attracts the most motivated sellers to your home.
  • Curb appeal counts – Give your property a quick facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Primary colours and black are fashionable for front doors. Your windows and sills say a lot about the maintenance of your home, so don’t forget them. Tidy the garden, trim hedging and keep the lawn in good order. Be sure to water the garden regularly and mulch the beds to keep down the weeds.
  • Focus on the entertaining space – Take time to rejuvenate your outdoor entertaining area. This is the time of the year that everyone loves a barbeque, so don’t miss this trick. In a similar way to staging the interior, look at how you might improve the outdoor furniture, garden seating and cooking facilities.
  • Make a splash – If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, then we must emphasise this facet of your home. Keep your pool clean and the area free of pool toys and maintenance equipment.
  • Bring summer indoors – Get into the new season with some splashes of colour. Consider bright cushions and throw rugs in the living areas and bedrooms.
  • Out with the old – An untidy, cluttered home can feel small and inadequate. Go through your home and see what can be thrown out, given away or stored until you find your next home. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll create.
  • Let there be light – Embrace the warmer, longer days by pulling back your curtains and letting in the natural light. Homes always look bigger when the light is good. Move any furniture near windows that blocks the light.
  • Offer flexible inspection times – The heat of a hot summer’s day can work against you. It’s energy-sapping and most people will try to minimise their time with you. So, consider mornings and early evenings and see if these are the optimal times to sell your home. 
  • Auction dates – If you want to auction your home, then I recommend you go under the hammer in late January or early February to ensure most people are back from their vacations. This provides the opportunity to once again follow up with those who had expressed an interest in the property during the sales campaign.